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Shweta Agarwal is a street photographer and a painter from Ahmedabad, India. She is the founder and curator of Hardcore Street Collective on Instagram and takes workshops in all kinds of art and photography for teens and adults. 

Her street photography journey began in 2013 when she purchased her first DSLR. Later, in Mumbai, she began working as a photojournalist, which greatly increased her confidence to be near people and take candid photographs. She also took part in two APF workshops, which significantly aided her development as a street photographer. She founded the Hardcore Street Collective Instagram account in 2017 and serves as its founder and curator. It now has about 43k followers. In 2017, she successfully finished her Project 365. 

Ahmedabad is home to her studio, the HeArt Space. It serves as a hub for numerous artistic endeavours. She intends to bring artists working in various genres and invite them to share their expertise.

"Nothing is as interesting for me as the streets," she says "it's full of obstacles and surprises since the situations keep changing every minute. I enjoy being outside since it allows me to be completely alone, pay close attention, and capture genuine moments. That truly distinguishes my street photography. In my photographs, I love to capture the colours, textures, human expressions, and a tiny bit of narrative."



Bangalore Olive Restaurant, 2008

Amdavad Ni Gufa, 2013

Mumbai Art Festival, 2018

Mumbai Art Festival, 2019

Bombay Art Society, 2020

India Art Festival, 2022

Mumbai Art Fair, 2023


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